June 7, 2012

Sweet Clara Clementine.

   Late last night, we received news that my sister in law was going in for an emergency c-section because she had developed HELLP syndrome.  At 1:30 am, Clara Clementine came into the world a whopping 2 lbs. 15 oz. and 16" long. 

This evening, Tim and I went over to the hospital to visit with Joann, her husband, Matt, and (of course) to meet Clara in the NICU.

Clara is such a sweet little thing, who seemed to get rather annoyed with me when I touched her hand while she slept. I almost expected Clara to wake up enough to glare at me and say, "Auntie Heather! I am trying to sleep here. Leave. ME. Alone!" 

 I took her preemie clues and consented to snap some photos of her instead.

Just in case you are wondering, Joann is doing better. Her body still needs more time to recover, but soon she will be able to hold her precious daughter.

June 5, 2012

What Do You Do on Rainy Afternoons?

 Today has been rather dismal.  At 10:45, I went through the long ordeal of getting the boys ready for a walk to the park. I got Elijah strapped into the stroller and was walking out the door with Beniah, when the skies opened up and it poured!  Amidst the disappointed cries of Elijah, we went inside to play. After lunch, I once again put shoes on little feet and coats on wiggling backs and let the boys loose into the yard.  Five minutes later, they were tramping inside due to rain and running amok with pent up energy. Twenty minutes before nap time, I finally wised up and set up the tent that my sister in law made for Christmas.


And I had peace until nap time!

June 2, 2012

The Devil Decorates with Non Dairy Whipped Frosting

     This weekend, my friend is celebrating her son's 5th birthday and asked me to make her a gluten free cake.  After scouring the internet and asking my gluten free friends and family, I finally was given a chocolate peanut butter cake recipe that my sister in law and her sister in law collaborated on. The original recipe was a chocolate banana cake recipe from the Cakemix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free, but I was told that peanut butter should work in place of bananas (fingers crossed). I have to say, "Yes, it does work!" I took a sample of the cake and it was delicious. So chocolatey! So peanut buttery! I am almost jealous of those with Celiac's disease.

Since, the theme of the cake was to be based off of Cars, I bought a little red car and designed the cake to look like a race track with a ramp.

Unfortunately, it looks like a shoe with a race track on top of it.

I am proud of the ramp with the little cave underneath it.

But, oh! the horrible shoe shape to the cake.

Chelsea, you must promise to eat it with your eyes closed and enjoy the delicious, ugly cake.

June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

  Five years ago today, I got to be apart of the birth of one of my dearest friend's son.  It was the first birth that I got to witness and it was amazing.  Ezekiel was this small perfect little person with a head full of hair.

    I've had the privilege of being a part of Ezekiel's life (at times a distant part due to travel time, etc.) and have had many difficult conversations with his Mama from "Heather, Ezekiel is having seizures and the doctor's don't know why" to "The doctors at the Mayo clinic found out that Ezekiel is missing a chromosome and will never grow out of this."  I was there with Chelsea when the doctor walked into Ezekiel's hospital room 2 years ago and said, "His liver is failing. I'm sorry, but he is not going to make it. You will go home without your son."

   I rejoiced with Chelsea when she did walk out of the hospital with her boy whose liver was repairing itself.  Two years later, this little boy is celebrating his 5th birthday at the coast with his Mama. Although his seizures are still a problem, he is doing well. I am constantly amazed at how far God has brought him.  Ezekiel is an active boy who loves music, lights, and little boys playing in his face.

Happy 5th birthday, little man.  Have a wonderfully relaxing cuddle full time at the coast with your Mama.

To read more about Ezekiel, you can visit his caringbridge website.