July 30, 2014

June's Date Day

Our continuing monthly date night adventures.

A little over a year ago, I had been trying to figure out what to give Tim for our seventh wedding anniversary. At the time, Tim was looking into purchasing a handgun and all of the necessary equipment (i.e. gun safe because we have curious children and an anxious wife) and training classes. I thought that he would love to have an afternoon of shooting at the local shooting range. However, I was pregnant with Isaac at the time and after talking with the shooting range manager and my obstetrician, I changed my mind and decided to put off the shooting range date until I was not pregnant with Isaac.
 Rabbit trail alert... Did you know that the sound waves from a gun shot could damage a baby's development? Neither did I until I researched it. 
Back to the date...I kept this idea in mind as I planned out the dates for the year and added it to the June date night.

As the date got closer, Tim and I were talking about it and decided that neither of us really wanted to spend about $100 at the shooting range (gun rentals plus bullet and target purchases really add up!). So, we decided to drop the boys off at their grandparents and spent the day working on some projects that we've been putting off. Be still my beating heart! Finishing projects without children interrupting us! How romantic!  I worked on finishing the second Real Hope quilt and making some bibs for my grandparents. 

Tim worked on setting up his Raspberry Pi to make some sort of *mumble mumble* insert computer speak *mumble mumble* way over my head description of what he is doing *mumble mumble*.

Even though I have no clue exactly what he is doing, I am thrilled to have a husband who deals with all of our techie problems.

Although we didn't do our planned date, we did spend time together shooting down our projects on our to do lists. (Eh, eh? How do you like that joke, Dear!)

July 29, 2014

Summer Fun

As I sit here in relative silence (the boys are napping, the air conditioner is blowing), I realized that it has been well over a month since my last post. I'm seeing a pattern in my writing and no matter how much I try to write at least once a week, life/children/other projects get the better of me and my blog gathers dust (you know that the internet is a very dusty place, right?).  Currently, my project is to pack up our apartment for our move at the end of August. What? you didn't know we were thinking on moving? Yeah, that happened between the last post and this one. Let me catch you up on the other goings on in our family as I intently ignore the nail holes in the walls that need to get filled.

My parents came up for a weekend visit at the beginning of July...
 ..so we HAD to take them out to Lacamas lake for a hike.

 It was the first time we've gone out there too, but we loved it and plan to go out again sometime. Hmm...picnic ideas are now swirling in my head.

Since it was Fourth of July, we set off some fireworks with the boys. The snakes were SO cool!

The boys were eagerly anticipating the bigger fireworks.

 So Daddy set off the strip of pop rockets.

 First came excitement as the fuse burned up...

... then came the terror as the loud explosions started!

The terror wore off with a good nights rest, and silliness commenced.

It was also Elijah's half birthday (Yes, we celebrate half birthdays. Yes, I do think it is weird). He asked for a Jupiter cake.

 That looks like Jupiter, right?

 We also picked up some cherries and canned them.

After waiting a little over a week for the terror to die down, Tim and I took the boys back to Tim's parents house to set off the rest of the fireworks. Excitement abounded once again.

Beniah was brave enough to hold a sparkler this time.
 Isaac just wanted to sleep.

Tim set off one of the smaller fountains that we bought, thinking that it was tame enough for the boys.

Oh well! At least there is always the exciting snakes we can turn to.

We've had a busy summer already with plans for an even busier time in August. Let's see who I can rope into helping us move...