December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

Tim and I had a wonderful 4 days of Christmas that was filled with family and friends.
Here's a bit of what happened.

Whittaker Family Christmas
Fort Building for Donny by Auntie Jo.

Nephews Galore.
Jack pretty much ignored his 6 month old cousin, Donny, until Andy, Kim, and Donny were just about to leave. Then he was all about helping out with his cousin by putting in his binkie whenever Donny spit it out.

Auntie Jo and Monkey's Uncle (aka Tim) playing with Jack.

We got Jack a Bob the Builder Hard hat and tool belt for Christmas. He didn't like the hat at first until other people started to wear it, then he wore it and put it on his mom, Beth.

And of course the 2nd annual wake up Uncle Timmy with Jack and marshmallows. Beth, of course, was thrilled that Joann and I gave her son marshmallows to carry around and get sticky from.

Luse Family Christmas

After leaving the Whittaker Christmas we headed down to Roseburg for church at Covenant Life Fellowship and then to my parents house where we stayed until after Christmas Dinner. Sorry, there are no pictures from this Christmas due to the fact that my camera batteries died and I couldn't go out and get more. Apparently, I took too many pictures of our nephews.
My family spent Christmas Eve doing our traditional dinner of snack foods while watching Scrooge. Christmas day was spent making culinary perfections with my mom and watching my dad and Tim clean up after us. In my family, the women cook and the men clean up.

December 27, 2007

Old Man Whittaker

Last Wednesday was Tim's 23rd Birthday (although he claims that he is 22 again because he doesn't like the number 23- it's Micheal Jordan's number). Here are some excerpts from it.

Tim's Present (notice the Elmo Wrapping Paper)!

Tim loves his new shoes!

America's Next Top Model?
And finally Apple Cherry Pie!
Tim wants to have weird combination pies for his birthdays. Next year he's thinking of having me make grape pie (thanks Kim for that idea).

So Tim's another year older and another year wiser (so we hope).

December 19, 2007

You Live and Learn and then get Benedryl

This last weekend was rather interesting for Tim and I. Tim started to get a rather substantial tooth ache on Thursday evening, which, we found out later, was caused by an abscessed tooth. We ended up going to the Urgent Care on Saturday because the pain was horrendous and the dentist was closed for the weekend. Tim was prescribed amoxicillin (antibiotic) and some prescription strength Tylenol.

By Sunday evening Tim had taken 3 doses of the amoxicillin and was getting very itchy. He was so feed up with not being able to stop the itchyness that he pulled off his shirt to get a better angle on the matter. There were small lumps (kind of like hives) all over his torso. I looked on WebMD and it said to call a doctor if this occurred. I said to call urgent care and get the doctor on call, but Tim said that if we called the hospital, we could talk to someone immediately, so he called. The nurse said to come in and they'd check it out. We bundled up and headed out the door.

Amazingly, we had to wait at most 5 minutes before we got sent to a room. I kind of felt bad for the others in the waiting room who were there way before us. There was a young boy with a cast on his leg who was looking very miserable as he sat curled up tightly on his dad's lap.

We went into a room and the nurse asked some basic checking-in questions, and finished up by asking if he took any benadryl. NOTE TO SELF: IF YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIC REACTION, TAKE BENADRYL BEFORE YOU GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

The doctor came in and checked him out and said, "Yep, that's a rash." She gave him some prescription-strength benadryl and a prescription for a different antibiotic. So, we left the ER a littler poorer, but also a little wiser in the ways of allergies.

Now, when we think we should go to the hospital, we will pause and take three deep breaths; if we still think it's a good idea, we'll go.

December 17, 2007

So You Started A Blog

Heather and I have officially entered the blognation! Yes, it took a lot longer than it should have, but then again, we have very few bloggable events happening to us.

We'll post a news update later. 'Til then!