April 5, 2008

Oh the Tears!

So here is a somewhat interesting note about my pregnancy. Apparently, I am one of the many women who get very emotional during their pregnancy. The other night, Tim and I were watching a movie, that I would normally have thought was somewhat sappy and ridiculous--not so this time. There was a death in the movie, so I started crying. The scene got over and I was still crying. The movie ended about 5 minutes later and I was still crying. I had gotten myself under control by the time we decided to start looking online, for a bigger apartment, when Tim asked what I thought about getting rid of our cat so that we have more options for an apartment. You guessed it! I started sobbing again. Seriously, I am not a very weepy person until now. I sure hope this gets better because I have 31 weeks left and I am annoying myself with my tears!