October 21, 2008

Yesterday was my 1st official day of not going into work. My wonderful husband told me that I wasn't to do anything except relax all day long. So my day was filled with Fanny Price (Mansfield Park) and cups of Hot Peppermint Tea. It was quite nice to look at my basket of clean laundry and say, "I need to be submissive to Tim, so I can't fold the clothes that you hold."

While I am enjoying the relaxfullness (is that a word?) of being at home, I am realizing that there are some things about Selmet that I do miss.
I will miss the 1/2 mile driveway up to Selmet.
I will miss the speedbumps that rip off oil pans if driven over too fast.
I will miss the realization that plant I work in really does look like a prison (it is painted a grey-blue color, it has no windows except in the office, there is a chain link fence that runs along the perimeter of the property, and there is a guard shack).
I will miss the sheep that followed the sound of your voice when you walk up and down the driveway at lunch (until one of their members died. Then they looked at you with hatred in their eyes).
I will miss the drama of being a scapegoat just because I am in purchasing.
I will miss hearing the accountant's view on how many staples a paper bunch is really supposed to hold (by the way, it is 1 staple per bunch because more than 1 can cause the bunch to get really heavy when you have to box up all of the bunches at the end of the year. I never knew how 3 extra staples were such a work hazard before.).
Finally, I will miss working for a boss who is a slice of heaven to work for (her boss told her that when he was mad at her. I'm still not sure how that is a bad thing.)