November 12, 2009

Playing Catch up

Life has been rather busy this fall, so I have been remiss in updating this blog. Beniah is almost 1 year old, is over 25 lbs, and has been walking like a pro since Halloween. Here is a little snap shot of what has been happening since September.

In September Tim, Beniah, and I went down to Roseburg to visit with my family who had come from back east. Beniah and I met my grandparents and aunt in Portland and had our 1st train ride down to Eugene.

Beniah turned 10 months old.

In October, Beniah and I traveled down to LA to introduce Beniah to his Great Grandma and Grandpa Gillies.

Beniah turned 11 months old.

Beniah's 1st Halloween. He was a lamb and didn't like having the hood on and his nose colored on.

Beniah is so proud that he can walk now.