March 31, 2014

Crafting Closet Update

Originally, I had planned to make some elaborate blogposts about the different crafts that I have completed on my to do list.  Then I remembered that I had small children and just completing these projects was an achievement and there is no harm in a massive blogpost.

February's crafts to do were diaper boxes turned storage boxes, an infinity nursing scarf, and mending Tim's baby hat for Isaac to wear.
I made two storage boxes (one to hold scarves and winter items in the hall close and one to hold Elijah's pull-ups so he can easily get them himself). 

I really enjoyed making the infinity nursing scarf, but unfortunately it's not big enough to use for a nursing cover for my son.  Isaac is a squirmy eater which doesn't bode well for a modest feeding session during a mixed group Bible study.

Isaac's hat from his Daddy needed just a bit of mending to make it fit correctly on him.

March's crafts to do list wasn't that big, but I didn't get to work on it until last week.
For Christmas, my sister in law bought me some frames and miniature clothes pins so I could make a gallery to hang my sons' drawings.  Now, I don't have random drawings taped to the wall anymore!

I decided to add to my list some toy hammocks that I saw on Pinterest.

Finally this last Friday, I melted down all of my broken and wickless candles and made some emergency candles for when the power goes off.  I realized towards the end of the candle making experience that I really don't enjoy making candles.  I would rather scrub toilets then make more candles. So, from now on, I'll just leave the candle making to the experts and buy my candles.

My crafting closet is now a little bit more organized.
Next month's craft: Real Hope Blankets

March 28, 2014

In the Mail

Grief is a strange being in young children. The boys are continuing to process Great Grandma's passing and randomly come up to me and sigh, "I miss Great Grandma!" One time, I was met with excited flapping arms and the question, "Do you know that you are going to die, Mama?"  Are you excited about this, son?
Grief is a strange being.
This past week, my sweet nephew decided to write his cousins a consolatory letter.


"Ther Beniah and Elija and Isaac 
im sorry about your grandma I hope you fel bittr
From Jeshu

So sweet! I am definitely saving this letter.

March 20, 2014

The Bus is Here!

   A couple of days ago, our car got crunched (as Elijah says). Nobody was hurt, but it does mean that we are a one car family until the car get fixed.

    No biggie for me. We live in a city with a massive bus system. We could travel anywhere our hearts desired for only a buck seventy-five.  Today, our hearts desired to travel to the downtown library to return books and attend the science activities that they provide for preschoolers. I had prepped a backpack of diapers, library books, snacks, and spare change last night, so all I would have to do this morning was get the boys dressed and to the bus stop by 10:25.  The morning ran so smoothly!  Isaac slept through the night (for the first time) so I was awake and had plenty of energy to get the boys and myself breakfast before Isaac was awake. We were all fed, dressed, and out the door with plenty of time to make the bus.

     Once there, we were met by a sweet lady who told me that she had some hats for my boys and proceeded to plop them on their heads as I tried to figure out how to diplomatically tell her that we can afford to buy our children hats if they need them.  The boys were so thrilled with their new hats that I just smiled and said, "Thank you!" as she walked away with a contented smile on her face. (The hats were new, but they are still going in the wash today!)

    Soon the bus came down the road and stopped to pick us up.  With Isaac strapped to me in the Bjorn, I helped the boys up and hauled our massive stroller onto the fairly empty bus. Beniah and Elijah meandered their way down to the very back of the bus to pick a seat while I paid for my fare. Of course they picked the very last row of seats to sit in, so I hauled the huge stroller all the way down the aisle and sat next to my very excited boys who chattered the whole way to our stop.
   Getting off the bus wasn't to bad. There are signs all over the bus stating that you must exit through the back door. So, I directed my boys off of the bus through the back door. Beniah was thrilled to walk down the stairs all by himself. Elijah was more hesitant, so we walked down them together while a lady handed the stroller down to me. Then it was off to the library where we learned all about air and air movement.

     Soon, it was time to go back to our bus stop and wait for our bus to arrive.  The boys were excited and a bit tired. Once the bus got there, we got on the now crowded bus and the boys once again meandered down the aisle looking for the perfect seat while the same bus driver that we had earlier chastised me for the way I exited the bus earlier.  Apparently, it's wrong to allow your capable 5 year old walk down the stairs by himself and walk beside your nervous 3 as he goes down the stairs. I quickly finished paying my fare so that I could end this conversation and catch up to my sons who were once again in the very back of the crowded bus. I dragged my massive stroller to the back and manage to smack the one wheelchair bound person on the bus in the foot (which to my defense was sticking out into the aisle). As I was profusely apologizing, I manage to hook my stroller onto the wheelchair. At this point, I was so close to tossing that massive contraption right off the bus!  Once I unhook the stroller from the wheelchair, I glance up to see Elijah about ready to tumble head first down the back stairwell of the bus (all while a guy was watching him and laughing at how cute Elijah looked stumbling along). Thankfully, Elijah righted himself because the massive-wheelchair hating-contraption of doom was in front of my and there was no way I could get to my son in time to save him from a tumble (although laughing man could, but he didn't move a muscle to help). Finally, I found an empty bench and kindly (i.e. through clenched teeth) directed my meandering boys to "Sit. Here. Now!" I put the obnoxiously large contraption of destruction on the bench across the aisle from me and squeezed next to my boys.  The bus could finally move.

After many stops it was our turn to get off the bus. I directed the boys to the front of the bus, so I could ease the driver's mind. With some help from some of the riders, I got the massive contraption off the bus without hitting the wheelchair bound lady.  The bus driver made the boys stand at the front of the bus until I got off the bus and held their hands as they walked down the stairs.  Elijah wanted my help, of course. Beniah was a little put out that I would force him to hold my hand even though he could walk down the stairs by himself. As I was getting the last boy off of the bus, the driver (with a slightly condescending tone) said, "Good job getting them off the bus, Mom!"  After briefly imagining walking back up the stairs to smack the condescension out of  her, I smiled, turned to my boys, and said, "Who wants Burgerville!"

In spite of my bus riding angst, the boys had a wonderful time on the bus and were super happy about it.

March 11, 2014

Three Months Old

 My baby is now three months old. At times it seems like his babyhood is speeding by (especially whenever I pack up another size in clothes), but sometimes it seems like we've had him in our family forever and he can't possibly be just three months old.  Isaac is now a pro at keeping his head up while laying on his tummy and has become more stable in the exersaucer.

His biggest accomplishment has been rolling over. He now doesn't get much tummy time because he is constantly rolling to his back or at least attempting it.

Isaac LOVES watching his brothers play and seeing what is happening around him.

He also loves bath time...

...and anytime he can get his fingers in his mouth.

We recently moved him up to the convertible car seat. He could still technically fit in the bucket seat, but (oh my goodness!) at approximately 15 lbs, he is a chunk to carry.

We love our baby Isaac (tears and all)!

March 9, 2014

Grandma Zella

   I first met Tim's Grandma a short while after we started dating. She was sweet with just a bit of spunk added in for good measure. She reminded me a little bit of my Great Grandma.  Fast forward a few years that included marriage, a baby, moving in with my in-laws, and a second baby. Grandma needed help caring for herself and moved in with my inlaws, making it a four generational house. While it was rough at times having that many people under one roof, it was also really nice for my boys to get to know their Great Grandma.

Great Grandma with 2 week old Elijah on moving in day.
Great Grandma with 5 month old Beniah

 Great Grandma enjoyed her great grandkids.


 (click on the photo to enlarge so you can see her hilarious reaction to Tim)

She had wonderful arms to run to when life got scary (especially when it involves Daddy and fireworks!).

It was so easy to love on her.

Great Grandma is now in heaven seeing the face of her Savior. We will forever miss her.

As Beniah so sweetly sighed tonight, "My life has changed forever!"