February 28, 2009

In His Daddy's Clothes

Here are a few pictures of Beniah in his Daddy's baby clothes.

February 23, 2009

In Pursuit of Mobility

Beniah rolled over (from his tummy to his back) for the first time today. He looked more surprised than excited to find himself on his back.

3 Months old

Beniah is now 3 months old (and has been for 8 days now). We don't have an official weight but we know it is close to 20 lbs. We have a check up on March 5th, so we will let you know the official results then.

Beniah is starting to get the idea of rolling over, but hasn't been able to accomplish that feat yet...

... silly arm is always in the way.

Beniah LOVES playing with his Daddy.

Beniah gets to playing a little to hard in his seat and ends up nearly sliding out of it.

Beniah - 3 Months Old (I know, I know, the Alien head got cut off. This was the best picture of Beniah though. He was rather grumpy during this photo shoot.)

February 17, 2009

Based on a True Story...

The warm air whispered of spring.
The birds soared through the air.
I was envious of their freedom.

As I was contemplating the concept of flight, I was thrown through the air. I rejoiced in the feel of the wind--until I landed on the cold, wet pavement. There I lay abandoned while my master just rolled on.

My despair deepened as day turned to night. I lay there sodden while the sun rose in the sky and reached its zenith. I cried out to God in my despair.

Suddenly I heard a familiar sound of wheels clattering on the pavement. To my greatest pleasure I saw my master roll past me. I felt myself get picked up and lovingly carried home.

My joy was fulfilled the moment I entered the door and saw my mate eagerly awaiting my return.

February 15, 2009


During our time in Roseburg last week, Tim and I had Beniah dedicated at our church. For those of you who would have come, if you had known about it, I'm sorry that we didn't invite you. We completely spaced inviting people other than our parents and my sister. We were going to put the video of the dedication on here, but we don't have the USB cord to download it to our computer. Here are the pictures that were taken though.

Our Pastor, Dave, with Beniah

Praying over Beniah

We made it through without Beniah either bursting into tears or erping all over Dave.

February 13, 2009

More Cakes - Mine this Time

This past weekend, Tim, Beniah, and I drove down to Roseburg to celebrate my nephew's, Jeshu, 1st birthday. I helped my sister out by baking and decorating the Monkey cake.

This was the original cake that Evie got the idea from.

This is my attempt at the cake. I thought of the tongue. Evie thought of the teeth.

If you can't tell, that is supposed to be a banana.

Jeshu wasn't certain about eating the cake.

Once he got into it, though, Jeshu approved of the cake.

He got the frosting from his hair to the bottom of his feet. He stepped on the highchair tray that had frosting on it.