October 27, 2012

Four Generations

About two weeks after Elijah was born, Tim's grandma moved in and expanded our household to a four generation house.

It's been crazy at times having this many generations living under one roof, but I am so glad that I and my boys have had the opportunity to get to know their Great Grandma.

A couple of weeks ago, the decision was made to move Great Grandma to a care center that was closer to the rest of her family and would provide better medical care for her. I realized that I had been putting off getting a four generation photo way too long.  So, we bundled the boys up and took them over to the rehab center that she was temporarily staying at for the coveted photo.

 After a little bit of coaxing, Elijah got onto Great Grandma's walker and rode down the hallway to her room. 

Of course, Beniah had to get a ride too.
 We had to leave after that, so Great Grandma went with us to the front doors.  Elijah held her hand the whole way.

 Great Grandma is now settling in her new home, but the boys are missing their buddy.  I think a visit on the way home from Thanksgiving is going to be a must.

October 9, 2012

Learning with Science

   Beniah loves lists, especially when he gets to choose what to put on it.  A few months ago, I made him a magnetic To Do List that has chore and learning activity choices.  I've become lackadaisical in enforcing the list over the summer and decided to reintroduce it this morning.  This time around, I am choosing the chore, so bedroom toys actually get picked up.

  One of the new learning activities is science and since Sid the Science Kid is a favorite of Beniah's, we went to study nature.  The boys each got a plastic bag and wondered around the yard collecting leaves.


Once we got enough leaves gathered, we went inside and began placing them onto the sticky side of contact paper.

It is very important to wear a hood during this process.  Should a mother remove said hood, the world will suddenly implode.

The boys were very excited about the finished product.  I ended up having to iron the leaf pages after they were in bed because the contact paper started to pull away from the leaves.