August 1, 2008


On my way home from work today, I almost got side-swiped by a Farmer's Insurance car. Hmm...

Sweet Dreams

I've been reading recently that pregnant women have more dreams, or at least remember their dreams more than other people, and that these dreams have significant meanings. For instance, if you dream about cuddly baby animals,buildings, factories, or construction sites, you are aware of your baby growing. If you dream about driving a large vehicle or having trouble walking, you are aware that you are growing. Finally, my favorite, if you dream about water, oceans, lakes, or pools, you are aware of your amniotic fluids or that you have to go to the bathroom.
Although I find these interpretations rather off the wall, I have had my share of strange dreams. The other night, I had a dream that Mongkut had made Tim and I a nice pancake breakfast and was trying to wake us up at 6 am to enjoy his creation. I will admit that I was slightly disappointed when I actually did wake up and realize that our cat did not make us a pancake breakfast.