September 28, 2013

Stormy Adventures

   The first major storm of the fall season has hit the Pacific Northwest. Rain has been pouring almost all day long and flooded some neighborhood streets. Massive gusts of wind have knocked down some tree limbs around our apartment complex. We also had the thrill of enduring a power outage. Thankfully, the thrill of losing power and pulling out flashlights and candles outweighed the irritation of the computer shutting off during Beniah's playtime.
After calling the power company to report the power outage (and finding out that there were 3 other sections of town out of power), Tim and I started pulling out candles and our flashlights since we had enough daylight to rummage through closets.  The boys were super excited about the candles and begged me to light them. As I was lighting the candles, Elijah excitedly whispered, "Fire!" like a semi-crazed caveman.

Then they found the flashlights.

   Dinnertime was approaching so (being the pregnant Mama that I am), we hurriedly left to find a restaurant that had some power and hot food. Along the way, we saw some of the damages of the wind. There were downed tree limbs too, just not at any stoplights.

It seemed like all of Vancouver was out looking for warm food and electricity, so we ended up at a Baja Fresh and enjoyed our Mexican dinner.

After dinner, we ran an errand and headed home. As we walked up our sidewalk, we were greeted by a wonderful sight!