Daily Drawings from the Boys

My boys, particularly Beniah, are early risers. I make a feeble attempt to wake up before them, but I hardly ever get up with them. I'm usually mumbling, "Just give me five more minutes, Beniah!" until Isaac wakes up and starts crying to be let out of his crib. Judge all you want, but that's just how I roll. Needless to say, the boys learned how to entertain themselves while their Mama woke up and made her coffee. They started drawing me random pictures and leaving them in crumpled up balls on my nightstand (or on me while I sleep) all while saying, "Mama, I've got a present for you!"
I recently decided to go through my ream of drawings from them and post some them on this page for your viewing enjoyment (and so I have a copy of their drawings forever and don't have piles of papers laying around). Each day, I plan on scanning in my art presents until the boys decide that they don't want to gift me with their drawings anymore.

Beniah is into drawing shapes, letters, random lines, and pretty much whatever we discuss during school time.

 We had a Mario themed 6th birthday party for Beniah this year. He spent a couple of days planning out the obstacle course and who was going to run at what time and where they were going to stop and what they were going to say when they stopped. I don't know where he gets that tendency. I never think like that. Ever. Ahem... moving on.

One day, Beniah watched an episode of the Magic Schoolbus where they discussed the brain.

On day, I was too busy to update the date on our white board and it broke Beniah's brain, so he wrote it out himself on a piece of paper.

I found this gem in my stack of drawings.  It is one of Beniah's earliest scribbles.

One day, we played hopscotch in the driveway, so Beniah mapped it out. 

He also mapped out our condo.

And some mythical place.

Sometimes, Beniah's drawings are for other people too.

We recently started a year's subscription to the Magic Schoolbus Science club. This month's topic is dinosaurs and fossils.

Beniah must chart out the two voyagers (or voiager as Beniah spells it) paths.

Elijah loves bright colors and lots of them.

He has a way of coercing his Grandparents into writing down everything he wants to say as he says it.

 Recently, Elijah's discovered how to draw spiral galaxies.

 I have to admit, I love ones like this...

12/16/14 - Beniah's Drawings.
 Usually, Beniah writes my name as Mama. Today, he decided not to.  I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like being called Mama.

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