January 28, 2014

The Hustle and Bustle of Christmas - Part 2

With Tim working at Amazon as a customer service tech support, we had to head home so he could work his shift on Christmas Eve. While we were sad to leave my parents house after a ridiculously short visit, it did give us an opportunity to visit (and show off Isaac) with Tim's aunt who stopped by before her flight out of Portland.

Christmas morning arrived and we enjoyed our customary Hungarian coffee cake for breakfast before we read the Christmas story and exchanged presents.

Isaac's first Christmas!

  We had a Christmas catastrophe when Isaac's diaper leaked all over his favorite quilt that he has slept with ever since the day he was born. Thankfully, the swaddle blanket that his Great Grandma Luse sent him kept him content while the quilt was washed.

Elijah loves his little baby brother and occasionally wants to hold and snuggle him.

Christmas night, the Hawaii and the California cousins arrived at the grandparents house, so we drove over the next morning to  reunite with our cousin friends.

The Whittaker Newmas (Christmas around New Years Day) was celebrated.

Cousins were held.

Elijah actually wanted his picture taken...

...and to have a chance to try out his photography skills.
(I think a cheap digital camera is going to be on his wish list soon)

Isaac turned 1 month old...

...and stole his auntie's heart...

... and the rest of the family's hearts too.

January 25, 2014

The Hustle and Bustle of Christmas - Part 1

It's been a month since Christmas and I have yet to write about how wonderfully full and busy the season was for us. I guess that is what I should expect since we now have 4 birthdays, Thanksgiving, and 3 Christmas celebrations just in our immediate family between November and January. 
Tim had to "make" his own birthday breakfast since I was still recovering from my multiple surgeries. He opted for store bought doughnuts, which the boys loved!
Elijah was very disturb with how dirty he got from eating a chocolate doughnut. 

I had my mother in law take the boys out shopping for Tim's birthday while I recovered from the c-section at home.  
They were very excited to have Tim open his present.

I found this wonderful beard t-shirt website that had the perfect shirt for Tim.

   After Tim's birthday celebration, my mom took Beniah and Elijah down to Roseburg for a couple of days so that I had some time to recover from my gall bladder surgery without two boys trying to cuddle up to me and bumping and pushing on my belly.  Two days later, we headed down to Roseburg for the Luse family Christmas celebration and to introduce him to his Auntie,Uncle, and cousins.

Isaac didn't cry when he first saw Ravi! A first for one of my boys.

   Beniah had his first slumber party at his cousin's house while he was down there. Elijah wanted to have his own slumber party, so he crawled into bed next to grandpa and slept next to him the whole night. Grandma got kicked out to the twin bed in the spare room.

So far, every time we've been in Roseburg at Christmas time, Beniah has been able to go onto the stage to perform with his cousin. It's massively cute to see how excited (and slightly confused) he is to be singing with Jeshu.  It has set a precedent though. I have to had remind Beniah that he will not be going on stage when we visit Roseburg again.

After church, it was time to gather together... 

...to pray and speak a blessing over Isaac... 

...and open presents before the night was through.

because we had to leave the next morning so Tim could get back to work.