December 29, 2012

A Christmas Restored: Part Four Merry Newmas

This Newmas had a very different feel to it than past Christmas celebrations at the Whittakers.  Instead of 8 children running around and playing (or just looking oh so cute while being held in someone's arms), there were 3 kids.  Distance kept 3 of the 5 Whittaker siblings away, so we celebrated with a much smaller group.

First is fondue!

Then comes stockings.
The boys were the elves and passed out the stockings and presents to everybody and each other.

Fellow paparazzi

And break for skyping with very much missed cousins.

Finally, present time!
Elijah is showing Auntie Kim how much he loves his new Hawaii shirt.

I made Clara an owl pillow which her parents loved and she was attempting to love.

 Elijah was so fun to watch this Christmas. 
Every gift he opened he gasped in surprised and loved it!

December 25, 2012

A Christmas Restored! Part Three: Christmas Day

Once the Kumars came over the next morning, the kids gathered around Grandpa to hear the Christmas story.

Then came gift giving.
Thank you Auntie Evie for the box of 100 balls!

It's Dash!

Then came the much anticipated Grandparents gift....
... a Dreamlight!

While the women went to prepare Christmas dinner, the gifts were played with.
What better way to teach a child to spy on people, then by giving him a pirate's telescope?

Beniah and Jeshu figured out a fun way to play with the slinky.


Since Tim had to be at work the next day, we left Roseburg around 8 pm and got home to a knocked down tree and a guilty looking cat.

December 24, 2012

A Christmas Restored! Part Two: Off to Grandparents House We Go!

 Apparently, Beniah illness was just a case of food poisoning, so after attending the early service at our church, we headed down to Roseburg. Beniah's Sunday school class had a birthday party for Jesus. He loved his party hat and didn't want to take it off until we were 20 miles north of Roseburg.
I realized during this trip that maps make wonderful toys.
Once we got to my parents' house, we started in on our traditional Christmastime snack food dinner and a movie.

Then we piled into the Kumar's van and went through the Festival of Lights.

Seriously, what is with the creepy light displays?
I have to say, my favorite part of the festival of lights was when Elijah saw some candy cane lights and pretended that my dad was a candy cane and tried to lick him.

The next morning, the boys, my dad and I bundled up and went up to the hills and played in the snow.

Unfortunately, the snow was so icy that it didn't really stick together that well.

Beniah insisted that the little snowman that we made had a face.
It's kind of a weird looking creature, if you ask me.
Beniah found a pile of tires that had snow heaped up on them and began pulling chunks of snow off and making snow tires.

It's a snow beard! 
(No he's not actually eating that gross snow.)

Later that night, we went to the Kumar's house to enjoy some soup and cuddles with a cat that doesn't mind a toddler and a preschooler all over him.

Little Janasa girl charmed us all...
...and gave her Uncle Tim a back massage by climbing on his back and jumping off.

Then it was off to the Christmas Eve service
Where they had the children come up on stage to hear the Christmas story.
Then came the candle lighting. The boys loved that part and kept trying to blow out the all ready hard to light candles

December 23, 2012

A Christmas Restored! Part One: Family Celebration)

After having a not so fun night, Beniah perked up and began eating and playing like the active four year old boy he is. 

Tim and I decided to continue with our Christmas plans (just postponed 12 hours).

First came advent and the reading of the Christmas story.

Then came the much anticipated Christmas presents.

Beniah received a watch from his brother.
The boys received some paint from their Great Grandparents.

Elijah had a hard time waiting for his turn to open his presents.

Magna Doodle from Daddy and Mama!

Beniah received a camera from us and loved taking pictures of the festivities. Unfortunately, the flash wouldn't stay on and all of the pictures were black.

Soon the boys were played out and went to bed anticipating our next day's trip to the Roseburg Grandparents house.