December 23, 2012

A Christmas Restored! Part One: Family Celebration)

After having a not so fun night, Beniah perked up and began eating and playing like the active four year old boy he is. 

Tim and I decided to continue with our Christmas plans (just postponed 12 hours).

First came advent and the reading of the Christmas story.

Then came the much anticipated Christmas presents.

Beniah received a watch from his brother.
The boys received some paint from their Great Grandparents.

Elijah had a hard time waiting for his turn to open his presents.

Magna Doodle from Daddy and Mama!

Beniah received a camera from us and loved taking pictures of the festivities. Unfortunately, the flash wouldn't stay on and all of the pictures were black.

Soon the boys were played out and went to bed anticipating our next day's trip to the Roseburg Grandparents house.

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