August 26, 2009

9 Months Old

Beniah is now 9 months old. He weighed in at his last doctor's visit at 24.8 lbs and is 25" long with a 19.5" head. Life has gotten a lot more interesting with Beniah around. He is pulling himself up and walking along furniture, walls, and giant overstuffed bears. We are constantly having to rearrange our area to accommodate his growing "no touch" zone.
Beniah is becoming more vocal and has a few words in his vocabulary.
"DaDaDa" (keeps repeating many times) - Daddy, Monkey, anything that is exciting
"DuDuDu" (again, keep repeating this many times) - Duck, Fish, Light up Frogs that don't light up anymore, any bath toy.
"Do" (The "O" as in ostrich) - Donny
"Bu" (as he waves) - Bye Bye!
Beniah staring down a friend's dog.

At OSU in Corvallis.

Beniah loves playing next to his cousin, Donny.

He also loves swings.

9 Months Old.

August 19, 2009

That's So Camping!

This past weekend, we took Beniah on his 1st camping trip. My parents, Beniah, and I found a campsite at Diamond Lake and was joined by Tim later that night. Within 5 minutes of arriving at our campsite, Beniah had a mouthful of mud, a huge grin, and a stick in his hand. He is such a boy. We awoke the next morning to frozen water and a campground of frost. We all donned 3 or more layers of clothes and looked like the marshmallows that we ate the previous night.

Mama and Beniah (notice the frost on the camp chairs). We all took turns cuddling Beniah that morning to keep him warm.

Beniah playing with Daddy.

We decided to tear down our campsite and find another one that was lower in elevation so we would be warmer in the night. While we did that, Beniah was off investigating the area off of the fake grass mat that he was put on.

His favorite campground toys, small pebbles.

We were joined by my sister and her family at Horseshoe Bend campground.


Beniah tried to eat pinecones.


We celebrated Evie's birthday (with trick candles, of course).

I made the cake for her. It was a yummy Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with a sweet Lemon Curd Filling and Lemon Buttercream Frosting. It was very sweet, but had a bit of tartness to it.

On Sunday morning, my dad, brother in law, and Tim went fishing. Ravi caught a couple of small fish for Jeshu to look at.

Jeshu looking at his "Ishy".

Jeshu's "ishy's"