February 6, 2010


About a month ago, Tim received a bobble head Spock for his birthday. Beniah has now laid claim to it and tries to shake Spock's head so that he will say, "Live long and prosper." "You are, after all, essentially irrational." and "Fascinating." Yesterday, I tried capturing Beniah playing with Spock, but instead, I captured his first cheesy camera smile.

February 1, 2010

Great Grandma Corl

One of my fondest memories as a child was visiting my family back in Pennsylvania. My grandparents lived across a pond from my Great Grandma Corl. Almost everyday my sister and I would race across the path to the other side of the pond and visit with my great grandma. She still used her wood burning stove even though it was well into the 1990's. I loved eating her crispy pancakes and drinking hot chocolate in her warm kitchen. There always seemed to be a quilt in progress on her dining room table and quilts hanging from her wall and in trunks and the fun closets that connected rooms together. I used to pretend that this old house was a stop on the underground railroad (in spite of the fact that the house was built after the Civil War) or that the Holocaust Jews would hide from the Nazis in those secret closets (Polish Jews could hide out in a closet in Pennsylvania, right?).
For the past 3 weeks, I have been cutting, pinning, and sewing my first quilt. It is for a friend of mine who is due to have a little girl at the end of this month. Now I am not arrogant enough to say that I am as good at quilting as my great grandma, but I am pleased with how my first one turned out. I think that Great Grandma would be as well.