September 18, 2012

C is for....

Changing the car oil, eating lunch, and watching cars get washed.

 Car washing with happiness!

Car washing with fear.

Cookies from the mall (and not letting Mama take a group shot)

Cooling off inside and outside the pool.

Catching a breeze.

Cool evening walk with Grandpa and Grandma.

(but R is for running)

Cuddling with brother before going to bed.

September 16, 2012

A Night to Celebrate Real Hope India

In July, my sister and her husband led a small band of people on a missions trip to India where they worked with their ministry Real Hope Ministries India.  Tonight, we got to hear about all that God has done on the trip and through the ministry of Real Hope.   If you weren't able to make it, here are some of the highlights.

 Beniah enjoyed dressing up in his cousin's Indian shirt, but not smiling at the camera.

 Elijah also enjoyed his Indian outfit until his girl cousin chased him around the room until his drawstring pants fell down.

Evie decorated each table with a beautiful Indian scarf  that was later given out as a door prize.


Beniah and Jeshu danced to the Indian music and started to reenact their Christmas Eve dance.

While various team members spoke, the cousins tried many different ways to entertain themselves. 
 First was the massive cousin hug that Beniah was not to thrilled with.

 Then came the Oreo-induced, wild child running that prompted Evie to bring Janasa back to where we were, using any means possible. Seriously, the Oreo count was amazing.   Elijah had 2, Beniah had 4, Jeshu had 6 and Janasa had 7. Needless to say, sugar crashes at bedtime are wonderful!

Finally, out came the Iphones with the Angry Bird game.  Both boys were more than happy to sit still until the end of the meeting.

 Grandma had to do double duty tonight since Ravi and Evie were speaking and I was snapping pictures for them.  I think she deserves an Oreo for her hard work (and the fact that she changed Elijah's diaper for me).
Me and my boys in our Indian clothes. 
(Why yes, Beniah is refusing to look at the camera and smile in spite of me tickling him.)

Ok, so this post wasn't really about the ministry, just the really cute kids that were running wild during the meeting.  If you want to learn more about this amazing ministry you can 'Like' their Facebook page or visit their blog Real Hope Ministries.