December 6, 2013

Isaac FAQs

 During our hospital stay, we were relatively quiet on Facebook, in emails, and on this blog, mainly because the internet was spotty in our hospital room, but partially because I kept falling asleep at random moments. I don't even know how many cups of my requested peppermint tea went cold because I would fall asleep as soon as I was given the tea.

So, this post is an attempt to answer those questions (although some were answered in my previous post) and to show off my adorable baby some more.

What are Issac's STATS?
  Isaac was 7 lbs. 9 oz. He is 20.5" long with a 14.5" head.  He was almost 2 pounds lighter than Beniah and Elijah were at their births.


How was the c-section?
   Considering that the doctors were wrist deep in my belly (that line is for you Tim), this c-section was my best surgery. The anesthesiologist placed my spinal perfectly and I had absolutely no pain or "hot spots" this time around. It was really nice to not be given more morphine during the surgery and to be more "with it" in the recovery room and enjoy cuddling with my baby boy. The main problem I had with the surgery was not being able to painlessly laugh when Isaac peed on himself and Tim's face.

If you had to choose one aspect of Isaac that is your favorite, what would it be?
   My favorite aspect of Isaac would definitely NOT be his wonderful baby smell that comes and goes depending on the cleanliness of his diaper. My favorite would be his Vulcan right ear.  The nurse told us that his ear was probably pressed against something in utero and would round out over time. We'll miss this quirky little ear when it rounds out.

Live long and prosper, little one!

What was Elijah's reactions to Isaac? 
   Elijah loves his baby brother and comments on how cute he is and has asked to hold Isaac, but he does seem to have a bit of jealousy over how much I am holding Isaac. At one point, Isaac was starting to get upset so I bent over to pick him up and Elijah said (in a pathetically sad voice), "Mama, don't pick him up." Thankfully, Tim was right there to care for Isaac so I could cuddle more with Elijah. It's definitely going to be a juggling act between caring for my baby boy and my little cuddle bug.

"Look at his little mouth!"

"Looking at babies is not nearly as fun as coloring with Daddy."

How did you deal with hospital boredom?
   I made both boys a big brother bag and filled it with some Target dollar spot toys and coloring books. I used this bag idea that I found on Pinterest and modified it to include 2 handles.

Of course, the tablets came out to be played.

Other than randomly falling asleep and cuddling my baby, I had one of my closest friends and her son come over for a visit.


Tim, of course, took the opportunity to cuddle with his son

But once his arm went numb, Tim began taking many random photos (mainly to tease me about the page long list of photos that I wanted). While there are a lot to be deleted, he got some pretty clever ones.

How are you feeling?
    I am feeling much better now that I am at home resting and watching my boys play together and love on their little baby brother.

Elijah is happy to be a big brother. He was just not happy with the number of cameras pointing at him.

The Whittaker Five preparing to head home.

We are all very proud to have Isaac join our family!

December 4, 2013

He's Here!

 The excitement for Issac's birth has reached it's pinnacle! Grandpa and Grandma Luse have arrived and the sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma Whittaker's is about to commence!

Mama's tummy has grown as much as it will grow!
(Last pregnancy photo at 39 weeks)

On November 27th, at 5:30 in the morning, Tim and I packed up the last little bit for the hospital and set off to have our baby.
After a couple of hours of  prep work and monitoring, Tim and I walked down to the operating room.
Tim had to sit outside the room while the anesthesiologist placed my spinal and made sure that it was working properly. 
Meanwhile, Tim amused himself by reading obvious hospital signs.

   I couldn't have asked for a better c-section.  My favorite OBGYN doctor performed the surgery (as planned) and was assisted by my favorite resident doctor (who was on call the weekend we miscarried our 3rd child, performed the D&C because my body wasn't letting go of Baby Blah (Beniah's name for the baby we lost), and she was on call when I had my gall bladder attack. She's been through all of the horrible experiences with us).
I also had a wonderful anesthesiologist who listened to me explain my weird pains during my last 2 c-sections and worked hard to make sure I had no hot spots during this c-section.
I, of course, felt Isaac kick and squirm during the surgery. When he was born, I felt him give a massive kick as the nurses and doctors shouted out, "Oh my gosh! He is just jumping out of her!"

Isaac was born at 8:35 am and weighed  7 lbs. 9 oz., 20 1/2" long, and had a 14 1/2" head. He is my tiniest baby.

He was born hungry and aggressively attacked anything that went near his mouth.

Thankfully, the surgery ended soon and we were wheeled to the recovery room where he could eat...
 ... and get his reflexes tested.
(I'm falling! I'm falling!)

Once we were back in our room, Isaac was given his first bath.

Then it was time to meet his big brothers, who were thrilled to see Baby Isaac. 

 Grandma was equally impressed with her 10th grandchild.

Elijah kept exclaiming, "Look at his little (fill in the blank)!"  At one point, he noticed the size of Isaac's feet and ripped off his socks to compare the difference.
Beniah was thrilled to be able to hold his baby brother and ran to the sink to wash his hands, climbed up on the couch, and placed the boppy around his waist and waited to be given the baby.

Every time they visited us, Beniah would make sure that he had a chance to hold Isaac (which we were more than happy to oblige him).

We are all so thrilled that Isaac's arrived!

November 22, 2013

Excitement is in the Air!

With five days left to go until Isaac is born...

 Daddy decided to start his ten day weekend from work with a much anticipated and requested camp out with his boys.

As I post this, I am hearing a Daddy voice saying, "Boys, boys. It's time to settle down!" 
How can you settle down when your baby brother is coming soon and you're on a camp out?
So much excitement!

November 17, 2013

Countdown to Isaac!

Nesting has hit me full force. I must get everything on my 'To Do List' done (although I am scaling back on it). In prepping for Isaac's birth we've...

... sorted through tubs and tubs of baby clothes and organized them by size...

...pulled out the Baby Bjorn to make sure that it's still in top condition...
...grown by leaps and bounds....

...learned how to play nicely with Isaac....

...while being completely annoyed that Mama would take pictures of playing with Isaac...

 ... sorted, cleaned, and set up the baby toys and equipment.

Isaac will be here soon. Just a little more set up and bag packing to do and then we'll be prepped and ready to go!