June 23, 2009

7 Months Old

It is hard to imagine, but my baby boy is now 7 months old! He has had many accomplishments this month. His top left tooth has burst forth (3 total teeth now) and he has learned how to creep. I keep thinking that my place is baby proof, but Beniah keeps proving me wrong. I will post a video of his feats once I can figure out how to download the footage to my laptop.

Getting ready to crawl.

Teething on Dwight Shrute.

Beniah loves our cat, Mongkut.

Beniah- 7 months old.

Whittaker Family Beach Trip 2009

Tim's brother, Danny, along with his wife, Betsy, and son, Aaron are here visiting from the great city country of Singapore. To celebrate, the Whittakers got together and rented 2 beach houses for 3 days and 2 nights full of sun, sand, surf, and six children under the age of 4. It was very fun and just slightly a bit chaotic. This was Beniah's 1st time at the beach. Keeping with his Norse heritage, he didn't mind the cold Pacific water. His only complaint was that his mean mama wouldn't let him eat the sand. Horrible!

Beniah's 1st look at the ocean.

Getting his feet wet. (Grandma Whittaker, Aaron, and Uncle Danny are running in the background)

"Hey Mama!"

Beniah trying to eat sand.

Tim was given his Jack/ Donny wake up call Thursday morning.

All 6 of the grandchildren.

On the way home, we had an extra passenger, Donny Shire. He chattered almost the entire way home. Every once in awhile, I would hear "Hi Nana!" (Beniah in Donny language).

Donny was all tuckered out.