August 13, 2014

My 40 Hour Adventure

It had been over two years since I last saw my grandparents. A lot has changed since then (mainly having Isaac). Because my parents were going to be down in LA visiting my grandparents, we decided that Isaac and I should visit so that my grandparents could meet their youngest great grandchild. This past Saturday at 5:30 am, Isaac and I were picked up by my father-in-law and taken to the airport. 

Isaac did fairly well on the flight. He fell asleep while we took off and slept for 45 minutes (until we were at the cruising altitude and the turbulence smoothed out). Then he popped awake and wanted to play!
 Thankfully, we were next to a couple who were grandparents and who thought that every chirp Isaac made was very precious. Isaac was determined to make friends with everybody who glanced his way (and even the bearded man who resolutely ignored him).

My parents met us at the Long Beach airport and drove us to see my Grandma (who was recently admitted to the hospital for intense pain). Isaac was enthralled with his Great Grandma and kept wanting to touch her. He also wanted to help her out with the pain medicine by trying to push the buttons on her IV drip.  Mama was a mean Mama/Granddaughter and would not let him push buttons.

Four Generations.  Interesting note: Isaac is my youngest, I am my Mom's youngest, My mom is my Grandma's youngest, and there ends the youngest trend because she is the oldest of the two sisters.

By this point, we had been up for 5 hours and Isaac could not stay awake any longer and fell asleep in my arms.

 All too soon, we had to leave my Grandma and go check into the motel room, have some lunch, and rest before we visit with my Grandpa at their retirement home.

 Coffee - the much needed liquid for the traveling Mama!

The bonus of having my parents staying in the room next to us was having my mom pop over and rock her overly tired grandson to sleep so I could get more rest.

Isaac woke up from his nap before I was ready to leave to visit my Grandpa, so over to my parents' room he went and entertained them with his tv remote holding skills.

Soon we left for to see my Grandpa. Isaac was (of course) the hit of the home. Grandpa (of course) was his ornery self and laid claim to his Great Grandson and told another resident to go away. Ah dementia, what spunk you add to our lives!

Other family members arrived after awhile and snuggled up to Isaac.

It was soon time for us to head back to the motel to eat, bathe, and get put to bed 14 hours after leaving our apartment. 

The next morning, we skipped church so that Isaac and I could have a little more time with my Grandparents. Grandma was having a difficult morning understanding where she was at and why. (Oh advanced dementia, what heartache you bring!) Isaac helped to bring her cheer with his chipper little self. Although, I think telling her stories about what Grandpa was doing and how ornery he was behaving helped her a little more than the cute baby did. I guess that's what almost 72 years of marriage will do to you.

 It was very difficult saying goodbye to my Grandma, knowing full well that I might not see her again this side of heaven. For those of you wondering, the doctors have figured out what is causing her intense pain (pulled muscles from a previous fall) and are working with a physical therapist to have her discharged soon.

However, it was time for us to leave to visit my Grandpa before we left.
Four generations
 Isaac was as impressed with Great Grandpa as Great Grandpa was impressed with him.

 Photo Credit: My mom, Beth. She did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself!

Isaac thought that Great Grandpa's bright red bib was so funny!
 Once again, it was time to say goodbye to another Grandparent because we had one more stop before we left for the airport.

Fifty years ago, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Glen were married, so we (and their church family) celebrated their anniversary in style!

My aunt and uncle renewed their vows. 

My Uncle Chuck officiated the ceremony. For your information, Uncle Chuck is as ornery as my Grandpa. Must run in the family or something!

 The Lady's Bible study that my aunt attends put on a potluck spread that was delicious! Isaac had his first taste of mango with coconut rice and loved it! He reached over to my plate and grabbed another fistful before I could stop him.

 My aunt had her wedding album displayed and in it was a photo of my grandparents in 1964.

The party was winding to a close and it was time for Isaac and I to head to the airport. We got there a half an hour earlier than I had originally planned, but I figured that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Once through security however, I found out that our plane was delayed an hour. Yay! Three hours in a tiny airport that has no play area and dirty carpets with a baby!

We survived the wait and the flight home (although there weren't helpful grandparents on this flight). Forty hours after we left for the airport, we were walking into our house.

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