August 23, 2014

An August Date Night

   Seventeen years ago, Tim and I were both a part of our school's production of a Midsummer's Night Dream. He was cast as the part of Puck. I was Mustard Seed. Interesting side note: My sister was originally cast as Mustard Seed and then decided that she didn't want to be a part of the play. My parents told her that she had to find someone to take her spot (enter little sister who was too shy to audition). The director (who happened to be my future sister in law) uncharacteristically allowed one of her actors to switch out the role. Eh, it all worked out. The play got me involved with highschool drama and began a friendship with Tim that deepened into marriage.
Yep, I was a cross-eyed fairy who had a photo-bombing shrewd and knavish sprite behind her.

When I was looking into date ideas for August, I came across the Portland Actors Ensemble. This year's production was A Midsummer's Night Eve.  I knew that I had found a winner of a date idea!


We attended their last evening show (the play does run late into August, but starts at 3 pm. No thank you!).
It was a riot! I love watching community plays partly because of my involvement with highschool drama but mostly of the price of tickets. This one was free! I will admit that this is the first play I've seen in way to many years. The actors did a phenomenal job on the performance. It was so much fun to watch them put their own spin on the play.


This next summer, the Ensemble is putting on Hamlet and plan to show it at an old, local cemetery. Yes, it's kind of weird and a bit morbid, but I am looking forward to the production.

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