January 11, 2013

My Big Headed Boy

 When I birth my babies, they have come out with big heads. 
Both of them measured at 15 inches. Average is 12 inches.
 Praise God for C-sections!

 They typically have to work really hard to raise their massive head off the floor.

At Elijah's two year well child exam, the doctor noticed something unusual about his head

There is a slight bump on the right side of his forehead.  I noticed this before but thought nothing of it since he has his father's big head.

 The doctor isn't too worried about it either, but he wanted to get a CT scan just to make sure everything is fine. So, early this morning, I packed up a sleepy Elijah and took him to the hospital.

 It was an exciting adventure to play with new toys while wearing breezy, tiger filled pajamas.

Soon, we were off (with the favorite blanket, Elmo, and train) to get the scan.

 Mama wasn't allowed in the room while they put him to sleep and scanned his head. But soon I got to cuddle with my sleepy boy and left the hospital to go pick up Beniah.

I was warned by the nurses that anesthesia could cause him to be grouchy and cuddly today.

They were wrong!  Once home and fed, he was a ball of energy until his nap time.
Oh well, at least I won't have to deal with random crying from him today. 
On a side note: While the results of the scan haven't been shared with me, I overheard the doctor tell Elijah's nurse that it seems to be extra bone growth. 
Yay! He's just thick skulled like his Daddy!
(That line's for you, Tim Dear!)

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