May 15, 2010

The Excitement of Life.

I have been remiss on keeping you all up to date for the past couple of months. This is partially due to Tim using the computer so much because he uses it to study for his 2nd actuary exam, but mostly this is due to the busyness of motherhood and spending my time with other activities. Lately, I have taken up quilting and am working on my son's baby blanket. I have made a few blankets for my friends and sister's babies, but haven't done one for my own son until now. Here is the 1st block on his quilt. I will post the finished product at a later date (i.e. when I finally finish the project).

Beniah is definitely growing and changing everyday. He seems to do the small things that brighten up my day (like giving me a foxglove flower off of his grandma's plant).

Beniah enjoys reading his books and says, "Amen" when the book is at the end.

Beniah loves to play with the light switch in our front room.

Our cat is not safe anywhere now that Beniah is a toddler.

The fastest way to light up Beniah's eyes is to bring out his cars and the fabric with the streets on it.

The most exciting news to come to our house is as follows:

I am hoping that history will repeat itself and Tim will pass next Thursday's actuary test since I passed my pregnancy test.

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